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Dharma of Universe

Sri Anand Yoga is based on the Eternal Dharma of this Universe. 
Know the Secret of this Dharma

Yoga of

Eternal Youth, Good Health and Happiness

Resonating with the 

cosmic elements of Sun, Planets,

Stars, Galaxies

and the whole Cosmos

Bonding with Mother Earth

Reclaiming our lost kingdom

Synchronizing our Life Rhythm

with that of the Cosmos

Dancing on the beat of

Drums of Cosmic Energy

Flowing on the river of Light

Riding on the Wings of New Age


A Yoga based on

the Synthesis of scientific discoveries

and the truths of spirituality

Art of living a life full of spontaneity, creativity and Joy

Aligning our life mission with the original concept of creation of this Universe -

SADCHIDANANDA - सद् चित् आनन्द - सद्चिदानन्द 

Truth Consciousness Bliss. 

Ushering into a New Age of Yogamanav uniting 

the whole of humanity in a shared vision

of abundance and creativity for the whole of Universe.


प्र वा॑मवोचमश्विना धियं॒धा रथः॒ स्वश्वो॑ अ॒जरो॒ यो अस्ति॑। येन॑ स॒द्यः परि॒ रजां॑सि या॒थो ह॒विष्म॑न्तं त॒रणिं॑ भो॒जमच्छ॑ ॥७॥

 Rig Veda, 4.45.7

I have declared, O Ashwins, holding the Thought in me, your chariot that is undecaying and drawn by perfect steeds; your chariot by which you move at once over all the worlds towards the enjoyment rich in offerings that makes through the goal.

                                                (free translation)


This chariot of Ashwins, the Lords of Bliss, does not decay with the passage of time. It is ever fresh and healthy. It is drawn by perfect seeds in the form of fully developed powers of life. This chariot of the Lords of Bliss moves over all the ranges of the being of man. We enjoy life at every level of our existence. Soma is purified and distilled wine. It is a metaphor for pure joy. This joy is purified of all the toxic emotions.


In this joyful way, as cleared by the Lords of Bliss, the man moves rapidly towards his life mission. Life becomes a journey full of bliss. Thus the man is rewarded by double bonus – he gets enjoyments on the way and he reaches his goal accurately and faster !

Dharma of Joy





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