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We, the Humans of Earth

Ushering into the new age of Yogmanav

Have a vision of the the Future which is arriving Today

A vision wherein we have One Earth Entity, beyond political boundaries

A vision wherein we have abundance shared with all our fellow travellers

A vision wherein we have synergy of community cohesion

A vision wherein we create our own destiny 

Holi 2.jpg


We are the Yogmanav of Tomorrow

A race which has advanced on the evolutionary scale 

A race which has harnessed the large potentialities hidden in a human being

A race which has taken a conscious decision to work in harmony and in joyous communion at the global level

Glimpses of the Exciting New Life

Looking thru the Prism

Fengshui 1.jpg
Path to Eternity 1.jpg
Bird out of cage.jpg
Scenery Painting 1.jpeg
Rebirth 1.jpg
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