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These affirmations should be made to own Self during morning meditations. Prior to these affirmations, it is essential to do the practice of SAY Rhythmic Breathing.

1 I am in charge of my life.

2 I take full responsibility for my current state of affairs. I am at present having …….(here state the negative side of you life … physical sickness (give details), relationship problems, stress factors etc). This state of affairs is as a result of the choices I myself made in the past. I blame no body for my current state of affairs.

3 My life is under my command. I am under no obligation, commitment, duty bound or compelled in any way whatsoever in my inner centre of consciousness. Whatever I do is as a result of the call of my heart.

4 I am now making a choice to live a healthy life, to enjoy life to its fullest extent, to have nice relationships with others.

5 I am consciously denying other persons, particularly (here name the persons who you feel are the origin of your stress and misery) their capacity to affect me emotionally. I am emotionally cutting myself off from (name the above persons) so that henceforth they will not be able to disturb my mental peace.

6 I am giving special thanks full of gratitude and love to …… (here name your parents as the way you used to call them). I have forgiven them for whatever they have done or failed to do which has caused hardship or pains to me. I am now sending to them loving energy and wish them peace and fulfillment. (here do the gesture of hands of sending energy). For me, …… (name your parents) have highest esteem, even above God, as they are instrumental in my birth on this beautiful planet Earth.

7 I am sending loving energy to the whole Universe and all her inhabitants.

8 Life is Joy, Happiness, Bliss.

9 From now on, I am making conscious choices to live life the way I want and no body can stop me or put difficulties in my way in realising my desire.

10 I am now feeling Peace. All the tension has been released. I am consciously living in all parts of my body.


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