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Bust the Ghost .... of Ageing

Bust the Ghost .... of Ageing

As a result of improvement in public health and advances in medical science, the life expectancy on a global level has considerably increased over the last century.People over 85 years of age are the fastest growing section of the society. Life expectancy is keeping on rising every passing year. At the same time, with advancing age, the probability of developing chronic debilitating conditions also increases dramatically.This results in an extended period of late life morbidity and a deteriorating quality of life. This has huge consequences for the individual, family and the society at large. At present ageing is the primary risk factor for many diseases and chronic health conditions. Scientists have now realized that ageing is not an inevitable and intractable problem. It is malleable. With the advances in biological science, it now seems possible that the rate of ageing can be manipulated genetically, environmentally as well as chemically.

The long life at what cost? What is the worth of a long life? Is it inevitable that the old age has to ultimately result in a debilitating, weak, feeble, bedridden condition and being pierced with needles and surrounded by an alien hospital environment away from home? Being afflicted with delirium, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia becomes a possibility as we age beyond 60. And the worst part of it all is that the person becomes a liability on his family members as well as on the society.

This is the dark reality of life today which we all love to ignore and at the same time inwardly getting nervous about.

Sri Anand Yoga (SAY) takes up this challenge head on. It is the Yoga of ETERNAL YOUTH. We will see how. We will examine the micro level biological and medical side of it as well as the spiritual to fully understand how SAY works.SAY lays great value on the advances in science and the scientific attitude of objectivity and exploration of the frontiers of life. However at the same time it considers science alone will be highly inadequate for having a long, healthy and happy life. Science can provide valuable data, but by itself it will not be able to assure us of youthful, energetic and happy life.


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