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Open Source Programme of Life

Sri Anand Yoga

Let the Mystery Unfold

Sri Anand Yoga (SAY) gives great emphasis on interiorization of our awareness. Since birth till death, our whole awareness has been turned outward. In SAY we have a double process in our awareness - one part continuing to keep focusing on the outside world and events, another part is inward. This inward part we are mostly interested in SAY. This inward part is our ‘Saakshi Bhav’ or the ‘Witness Mode’. It witnesses the events but does not participate in the play. There is a detailed process to achieve this state. SAY will have many yogic kriyas to achieve this state. This inner being which is in Witness Mode is the real MASTER of our life. As it is unaffected by the play of the outer world, it is always in a balanced state and is in tune with our higher being. It is the receiving point of intuition from the higher region, This has of immense help in getting right solutions and guidance about the path to be taken in our outward activities.

SAY is an ‘Open Source’ programme of life. It has a core design and then there will be ‘add on’ parts. Currently we are mainly interested in the core design. It covers the basic understanding of SAY, its kriyas (particular action with gestures) and practices and its core belief system. These will form the core system of SAY. We will specifically mention these as ‘Core System’. Then there will be ‘Add On’ systems and processes. They can be different prevailing yogic systems,physical exercises, research into still higher dimensions of life, further exploring the frontiers of medical science as it is developing and using the same in SAY etc. It is upto the practitioner as to how much he wishes to further develop himself on the Path. However all these will not be critically essential to achieve the objectives of SAY - which can be achieved with the Core beliefs and practices as specifically mentioned. This ‘Add On’ part can be added by any practitioner of SAY after he has completed the Core part.


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