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Social Action as Yogic Sadhana

Social Action as Yogic Sadhana

When we consider the object of Social Action, one way to look at it is to work towards the mission of ushering in a golden age. Another way is to act as ‘soldiers of the divine’. Still another is to fulfill our duties and obligations towards our community, state, nation, humanity etc. These all are very much NOBLE pursuits and are sufficient reasons in themselves to get engaged in the social action. However, it still would not be SADHANA as I envisage it in Shri Anand Yoga – which is a foundation to the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo

We all tend to get into our comfort zones. This is an intrinsic and subconscious tendency. Our relations with our family, neighbours, community, boss, colleagues, friends etc get ‘SET’ over a period of time and we learn over a period of time ‘NOT TO CROSS THE LINE’ so that the relations remain at cordial level as a minimum requirement for our survival.

When we do our Sadhana, we get into our PEACE ZONE. We turn INWARDS. We attain a sort of STABLE and PEACEFUL state of mind. At least this is our objective. When we are in our comfort zone as explained above, the PEACE ZONE which we attain through Yoga, is SUPERFLUOUS. It is not based on FIRM FOUNDATION. We still harbor in us SEEDS OF NEGATIVE FEELINGS like jealousy, ego, hurt feelings, hatred, anger etc. We do not realise about this aspect because the WATER IS CALM at the surface as the WINDS HAVE FALLEN. Our aim in INTEGRAL YOGA is to achieve the DIVINITY INTEGRALLY – leaving no part of our being remaining to be transformed. With the practice of yoga and meditation we make some progress towards this direction. However it is still very much partial progress. Further advance on the Path is not possible unless we dive into ourselves and discover these seeds and transform them into divine attributes of love and compassion and joy. Here is the catch. It is NOT POSSIBLE, in ordinary manner, just with the aid of yoga and meditation to do this job. This is possible with the GRACE of the GURU. However, even this has limitations because of the NON RECEPTIVITY and BLOCKAGE in our part to receive the grace.

Here comes the DYNAMIC aspect of Shri Anand Yoga. It is the SECRET PURPOSE behind the Social Action which is other than those explained above. When we are engaged in the social action, we are trying to change our governing system and our environment for the better. Any change meets resistance – mild or strong, manageable or indomitable. It also involves INTERACTION with people without having any SET RELATIONS as happens with our family and friends. This necessarily STIRS UP various emotions in us – originating from these seeds which I explained above. We get angry, frustrated, vulnerable, aggressive, depressed, agitated over the state of things and the attitude of people. This is precisely the OPPORTUNITY to take a grip with these seeds and use it as an opportunity for transforming them (NOT eliminating) into positive feelings of hope, patience, love, compassion, calm, joy.

The first step is to apply the technique of Srikensho – Buddha in Action. It helps us to get these emotions as our ‘handles’ so that we can work with them. Next comes the Art of Positive Dying and Rebirth During the process of our social activism, we sometimes hit a wall. We pursue with relentless zeal to break this wall. This is a good attribute. Unfortunately, we get so much involved in the game that we overlook the Global Vision. This is also a dangerous situation in that we may emotionally harm ourselves caused by the setback due to a serious of failures. During such a time, we can apply this Art of Positive Dying and Rebirth

Next come the meditative technique of the Meditation on Death. This technique teaches us the ultimate RELEVANCE OF THINGS in our life. It is a sequel to the Art of Positive Dying and Rebirth

I am coming now to the TOP SECRET of this exercise. All the above are only the techniques. One may get EXPERT in handling the situation with these techniques. This is good. Yoga means EXPERTISE IN WHATEVER WE DO.

However, in order to get on our PATH with SUPER TURBO mode we need to change our WHOLE ATTITUDE and the PROCESS. We need to OFFER our EMOTIONS to the DIVINE WITHIN US for TRANSFORMATION and DIVINISING our whole being. Instead of doing passive meditation, we are now offering something more concrete – OUR EMOTIONS. This can be done in a silent meditation after we retreat to the safe haven of our home. We can contemplate about the events of the day, LIVE these EVENTS, let the emotions be STIRRED and then offer ourselves with these emotions to the divine for transformations. We also OPEN UP ourselves for the GRACE TO PERCOLATE through us. This is more dynamic and effective way to ABOSORB GRACE. In passive meditation, we tend to operate at our intellectual and mental level. This is NOT the effective way to call for GRACE and BE RECEPTIVE. On the other hand, when our emotional state is being stirred, and when we sincerely and with full faith offer ourselves to the divine, our CALL REACHES THE HIGH LEVELS of the divine.

I am now coming to the still next and more effective method. We do this process of offering ourselves alongwith our emotions to the divine, when we are in the MIDST OF ACTION. This is a duel process. Outwardly we are engaged in the process of social activism, doing our best with all the techniques explained above and also with all the other conventional techniques of success. At the same time, inwardly we are doing Srikensho – Buddha in Action, observing ourselves for the emotions that are getting stirred up and then offering the same to the divine and calling for the divine help and guidance, opening ourselves to the divine grace and power. This may appear difficult at first sight, however, this is the SADHANA. With constant practice, we can very successfully apply it and progress on our path very rapidly.

Our engagement in the field of social activism has this secret purpose as a part of our Sadhana.

As one progresses on the PATH, one gets the POWER to CAUSE CHANGE.

There is another secret. Behind our action in this world, there are COSMIC POWERS working out the COSMIC PLANs in this world. When we engage in the field of social activism, these COSMIC powers get a very good chance to EFFECTUATE THE PLAN through us. If we align ourselves with this cosmic plan, then miraculous things happen and our progress becomes very exceptionally sure and super fast.


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