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Tune in with the Dance of Life

Every living organism in the universe is having its own biological rhythm. Our planet Earth is also having her own rhythm defined by, among others, 24 hour light/dark (day/night) cycle and a 12 month cycle around the Sun.

There is a phenomena called ‘zeitgeber’ which causes an environmental cue to entrain or synchronize our bio rhythm with the planet's rhythm. Every living organism (such as plants, animals, fungi, cyanobacteria etc) has a circadian rhythm. It is a natural, internal process regulating the sleep-wake cycle repeating roughly every 24 hours. The important thing to note is that this rhythm is entrainable - meaning it can be adjusted to the external stimuli.

We also have endogenous processes inside our body. They can modulate and regulate our internal bio-systems in conjunction with the environmental influences.

Endogenous substances and processes are those that originate from within a system such as an organism, tissue, or cell.The term is chiefly used in biology but also in other fields. The endogenous processes are reflected in following events

Several factors can cause disturbance in biological rhythms, having a negative impact on emotion, mood,cognitive functioning and cortisol rhythms.

The medical intervention in terms of drugs and therapies have only limited and uncertain impact in restoring this rhythm.

In Sri Anand Yoga (SAY) we take a giant leap towards having a naturally settled equilibrium in tune with the rhythm of the Universe. This has a far reaching impact on our overall physical as well as emotional well being. What is interesting is that this is only a by-product of the SAY. It happens naturally and automatically when we practice SAY. This is one of the secrets of the person practicing SAY enjoys uninterrupted supply of enthusiastic energy and youthful vigour.


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