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Virus - HIdden Mystery beyond Medical Science

Virus - HIdden Mystery beyond Medical Science

Medical Science has a lot to say about the Virus. At the same time, it has also a lot yet to know about it. There is much ignorance about the origin of Virus. There is also a considerable amount of uncertainty about the ‘living’ status of the Virus. Sri Anand Yoga does not deny the scientific facts discovered by medical science. It goes much beyond those facts and explores the farthest frontier of understanding the entity called ‘Virus’.

As per the physical understanding of Viruses, they are just strands of nucleic acid encased within a protein coat. They are part of the study of Chemistry not physiology or biology. For nearly a century, the definition and understanding of viruses has undergone dramatic shifts. They were first seen as poisons. Then they were seen as life-forms. Then this changed to biological chemicals. Currently viruses are considered as being in a gray area between living and nonliving, though officially it is declared as a non-living entity. This has resulted in viruses getting left out in the study of evolution. How can there be any evolution of non-living things - so the logic goes. This is now beginning to change.

Let us understand from the point of view of biology about the reasons for the non-living status of a virus.


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