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Weather - Spiritual Science

Weather - Spiritual Science.

There is much to be known about the science of weather. The present scientific knowledge is very rudimentary and highly unreliable. We need to expand our research canvas to look into other domains and be open to the new out of the box theories. Sri Anand Yoga presents a unique perspective on weather.

Let us first see what the science says about weather.

Weather is the state of the atmosphere. It describes the degree to which it is hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy etc. As per the current understanding of science, weather is driven by air pressure, temperature and moisture difference between different locations on Earth. Temperature increase due to the Sun happens differently at different locations. Because Earth's axis is tilted relative to its orbital plane (called the ecliptic), sunlight is incident at different angles at different times of the year. This gives rise to varying seasons on Earth. The strong temperature contrast between polar and tropical air gives rise to the large-scale atmospheric circulation of winds.

Weather forecasts are made mainly based on changes in barometric pressure, current weather conditions and sky condition. Weather models are created with the help of near constant streams of data from observation points across the surface of the earth and extending up into the atmosphere. There are complex mathematical models which use a high degree of computer power to forecast weather. The scientists are faced with uncertainties about how the sun will heat the Earth's surface, how air pressure differences will form winds and how water-changing phases (from ice to water or water to vapor) will affect the flow of energy, how much will be the effects of the planet's rotation in space (which moves the Earth's surface beneath the atmosphere) and a host of other such factors.

This information is highly inadequate to correctly understand the weather. It is in fact a very crude model based on a most simplistic assumption about heat and pressure. Yes, indeed heat causes air to be thinner and this in turn causes the air from the cooler region (dense air) to rush to the hot region (thin air). It is only an observational model and does not get to the roots of the phenomenon. We may use hightech systems like satellites and super computers and complex mathematical / statistical models - but at the heart of it all is data based on observations.

Our current weather models explain what happens and how it happens but it fails to explain WHY it happens.

Our current models explain what happens and how it happens but it fails to explain WHY it happens. Our weather man does correctly predict the onset of a cyclone to hit a coastal region in so many number of days. It also predicts the intensity of the cyclone in terms of wind speed. Most of the times it does come out to be a correct prediction. But at the same time, it is unable to explain how come on some occasions storm moves away or its intensity gets reduced substantially.

“All models are wrong, but some are useful.” ... George Box

It is also a frequent occurrence when the weather bureau forecasts heavy rains based on the satellite imagery of cluster of clouds in the region along with the observation of the direction of the cluster to a specific area as well as the speed of the movement. This proves to be correct. The clouds indeed cast their shadow over the designated region. For a moment it looks like there is going to be heavy rain. But for some unknown reasons, the rains do not fall and the clouds move on. Sometimes we may see a clear sky with only stray clouds. But then suddenly in a matter of few minutes dark clouds gather in the sky and there is heavy rains. We also see clouds move over desert. But there is no rainfall.

The theory about the process of causing rainfall from clouds is also half baked. It is fit for elementary school kids.

The theory about the process of causing rainfall from clouds is also half baked. The most popular scientific theory goes like this : Clouds are formed from water or ice that has evaporated from the water bodies on Earth’s surface due to heat of the Sun rays. Plants “breathe out” water vapor as well. When it evaporates—that is, rises from Earth’s surface into the atmosphere—water is in the form of a water vapor. Water vapor turns into clouds when it cools and condenses to form clouds. When the water droplets in the clouds get heavy enough, they fall back to the surface as rain, snow, or other forms of precipitation. This description is technically correct. However it fails to explain as to how come rain falls or does not fall from clouds in the most uncertain and unpredictable way over a particular region at a given point of time.

It is also to be noted that in spite of the scientifically sound scientific theory, the cloud seeding fails to cause rains in an assured manner. A study conducted by the National Academy of Sciences failed to find statistically significant support for the effectiveness of cloud seeding. The scientists are still grappling to find out the exact reasons for failure to cause rains in any predictive manner from cloud seeding.

As per Sri Anand Yoga, our earth is a living entity. It has a life field. The Earth Life Field (ELF) impacts the weather in Earth’s atmosphere. Similarly there is a Cosmic Life Field (CLF) and all its component galaxies and solar systems have their own individual life field together making up a giant CLF.. Earth is an integral part of our Solar System which is in turn a part of our Galaxy. Our Galaxy is a part of our Cosmos.

All these elements are intrinsically bonded together in a sort of living play of energy and they impact each other.

All these elements are intrinsically bonded together in a sort of living play of energy and they impact each other. Geomagnetic field of earth is just one of the characteristic of ELF. As an essential sign of life field the north and south magnetic poles of Earth slowly and continuously move over geological time scales.

Another characteristic of ELF is its magnetosphere. It is the region above the ionosphere. It is defined by the extent of the Earth's magnetic field in space. This field extends several tens of thousands of kilometers into space. To put it in perspective relative to the size of Earth, it's size is of several Earths in the cosmic space. By contrast the stratosphere of Earth is just 60 km above the sea level.

Scientists have still not solved the mystery of the source of water on Earth. However as per SAY, as the Earth is a living entity, as is the case with all living entities, water is naturally the main life sustaining material on Earth.

Whole space in the Cosmos is full of radio waves. It is called 'Space Roar'. Scientists have no clue about its origin. However as per SAY, it is an indication of our living cosmos. It is part of the CLF.

Another major impact on weather on Earth is caused by the Planets in our Solar System. Scientists have discovered that the orbits of planets hundreds of millions of miles away can change weather patterns here on Earth. Every 405,000 years, gravitational tugs from the planets Jupiter and Venus gradually affect Earth's climate and life forms. However as per SAY, not just the Jupiter and Venus, but ALL the planetary bodies affect the weather on Earth to a greater or lesser degrees.

There is also an unsolved mystery of Cosmic Rays. These are believed to be high energy particles coming from outer space. They regularly bombard Earth. In the higher regions of the stratosphere cosmic rays can affect both human beings and electronics. As per the spiritual science of SAY, these are part of the CLF and they in turn have an impact on ELF.

As per the spiritual science of SAY, these are part of the CLF and they in turn have an impact on ELF.
This image shows the satellite mapping of the real time tidal pattern around the globe. It is a sign of a pulsating Earth
Actual satellite mapping of the tidal pattern around the Earth

Another aspect of weather on Earth is high and low tides of the oceans. Though the Moon and sun cause tides on our planet, contrary to popular perceptions, the gravitational pull of these celestial bodies does not dictate when high or low tides occur. There is no high tide when the Moon is at zenith over the Earth. Indeed all the planets exert their influence on Earth. Moon being the closest causes greatest influence. Sun also causes relatively greater influence because of its huge size relative to that of the Earth. Another curious aspect of the high tide is that while the gravitational pull of the Moon causes high tide on the Earth on that part of the sea which is facing the Moon, it also causes high tide on exactly opposite side of the Earth, though one would have thought that on the other side of Earth there would be a low tide. There are scientific explanations for this phenomena. As per Sri Anand Yoga (SAY), all these planetary bodies have an impact on the rhythmic pulsation of the Earth, just like how the human heart pulsates. During high tide, the volume of water EXPANDS. The total number of water molecules do not increase. Only the inter-molecular space is increased. This causes the overall 'bulge' in the ocean water resulting in the increase in the water level. This increase in water level then spills on all sides and causes the phenomena of high tides at the coast. This is also the reason there is high tide on the other side of Earth not facing the Moon. The force towards expansion of inter molecular space is felt on every matter on Earth. However it gets clearly manifested in sea water because of the very large volume of liquid which facilitates the easy expansion. The above image shows the satellite mapping of the tidal pattern around the globe. It is a sign of a living ELF.

There is another very interesting field of Astrometeorology or meteorological astrology. Though it does not have any acceptance from the scientific community nevertheless it attempts to forecast the weather using astrology. It is thought that the position and the motion of the celestial objects like our planets, Sun and the constellations impacts weather on Earth. This belief has existed in different cultures in all parts of the world since ancient times. Astrometeorology is the oldest type of Hellenistic astrology. Johannes Kepler had proposed that the conjunction of Saturn and the Sun would produce cold weather. Kepler is the key figure in the scientific revolution of the 17th century known as the laws of planetary motion. His works provided one of the foundations of Newton’s theory of universal gravitation. We should not completely discard all these theories about astrometeorology. There is a need for further scientific research in this direction rather than completely rejecting them as pseudoscience. In SAY we firmly believe that this Cosmos is a one living entity and all the stars and constellations and solar systems and planets are individual parts of this cosmic whole. All these bodies impact one another.

Weather on Earth gets impacted by all the above factors and many more. It is certainly possible to find some 'pattern' about the correlation of the weather conditions on Earth Vis-a-vis the status and movements of different parameters for each of these elements. The study of these patterns will give us a clue about the further direction of our scientific research. However the major limiting factor of our research will be the availability, power and accuracy of scientific instruments to measure different aspects of the characteristics of these and of other elements.

There are two other theories which also need to be seriously examined for understanding their impact on the ELF and on Weather on Earth. These are Morphic Resonance theory of Rupert Sheldrake and Orgone theory developed by Wilhelm Reich. Both these theories are outright rejected by the scientific community. However they certainly point to some deeper aspect of life on Earth.

Just like weather of Earth, there is also a phenomena of 'Weather of a Human Being'. It may sound rather odd. But it a fact. We will cover this topic in a separate note.


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