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Sri Anand Yoga

Let the Mystery Unfold


Yogmanav means the human being fully immersed in the principles of Sri Anand Yoga. It is the next natural and the most path breaking stage in the evolution of man. It is not just the superman with e

xtraordinary capacities. The Yogmanav will be a whole man with far higher development in spirit, mind and body in every respect than the present evolutionary stage of man. He will have surpassed the present world scene of strife, discord, competition and greed. He will evolve into a new stage of cooperation, sharing, bonding and mutuality. It will be speedily brought about through the CONSCIOUS

effort of mankind as against the long march of unconscious evolution. It will be a world beyond religion, beyond national boundaries and beyond separation caused by race, creed, ethnicity, culture, language and beliefs. In this world of Yogmanav there will be new frontiers scaled in science and spirituality with a wonderful synthesis of both. It will not be a uniformity of culture or language in the same mould. Instead, the whole of humanity will evolve into a multiferous blossoming of talents, skills, arts, music and creative expressions of thoughts.

This is the vision of future which Sri Anand Yoga holds as a way forward.


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