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Heart the Emperor of Worlds

Heart the Emperor of Worlds

Heart is truly the emperor of worlds. It has a very important role in the emotional as well as physical well being of a human being. However its role is not given due importance in the scientific community. Medical science describes it as some mechanical device, a motorised pump. It is an organ which pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. It’s function is explained as “The heart pumps blood through the network of arteries and veins called the cardiovascular system.”

Due to this attitude of the scientific community towards heart, Sri Anand Yoga finds very little research material from the medical science in its concepts. We will explore whatever scientific discoveries have so far been made in relation to the function of heart.

Scientists consider Brain as our seat of emotions. In reality emotions are generated in our heart. Our emotions are essentially of two types - EgoCentric and Love Centric. Egocentric emotions are of the type of anger, jealousy, hatred, anxiety, aggressiveness, pity, mercy. Love Centric emotions are of the type love, empathy, compassion, sadness. Brain is the seat of Ego. Ego operates through the dynamics of Mind. The egocentric emotions are triggered from the limbic system in the brain and the heart responds by generating corresponding vibrations. The love centric emotions are generated spontaneously in the heart, without any intermediality of the brain. Mother feels love for her baby spontaneously, without having her brain to play any role in it. Scientists have discovered that hearts of some intimately connected persons synchronise with one another. This happens even when they are separated from one another without any sensory connection in sealed laboratory settings. It is also discovered that human heart rhythms synchronize while co-sleeping.

Scientists have not been able to explain or understand the reasons for the curious phenomena of spontaneous abnormalities in our limbic system in the brain. It leads to inexplicable rage known as “episodic dyscontrol syndrome” leading to violent behaviour uncharacteristic of an otherwise placid and rational person. This is because they have been looking for an answer in the wrong direction.

There is a very interesting field of research called ‘Magnetocardiography (MCG)’. There are electrical currents in our heart. Our hearts generate magnetic fields using these electrical currents. A superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) is used to measure the magnetic field of the heart. This device is also called SQUID Magnetometer.

It is discovered that human heart rhythms also have sensitivity to earth local magnetic field fluctuations. Every cell in our body is immersed in an environment of both external and internal fluctuating magnetic fields that can affect virtually every cell and circuit in biological systems to a certain degree, depending on the specific biological system and the nature of the magnetic fields. Numerous studies have shown that various physiological rhythms and global collective behaviors can be synchronized with the solar and geomagnetic activity; and that disruptions in these fields may have adverse effects on human health and behavior. It is also observed that Numerous physiological rhythms and global collective behaviors can become synchronized with solar and geomagnetic activity.

Our heart is about 100 times stronger than the brain in terms of electric field and about 5000 stronger than the brain in magnetic field. These numbers can be disputed. But an undisputed scientific fact is that our heart does have a magnetic field and that it is much stronger than the magnetic field of our brain.

Another interesting fact is that our heart is the only organ in our body which can survive INDEPENDENT OF OUR BODY. Our heartbeats are not controlled by the brain. They beat independently of the brain. In a way our heart is a fully functional world by itself. Our heart has its own natural pacemaker for it to beat throughout your life. This pump as the scientists prefer to call it, is guaranteed to work for more than 100 years without any failure! Heart can still beat even when it is taken out of the physical body (though only for a short while till its cells run out of energy).

The whole foundation of Sri Anand Yoga is based on the functioning of Heart and on our Breathing system - both intrinsically connected with each other. In the modern world, the brain assumes a superhero's proportions. Whereas in SAY, the brain is made subservient to the heart.


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